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Laboratory professionals are the leaders of
Quality in healthcare throughout the globe.

We always have been and always will be..."
(Robert Scheuermann, Principle Solutions Architect, SpenAlex Solutions.com

Get Your entire Quality Management System for ONLY the price of an average textbook.

Product 1000 package price that is too low to present on the website.

You must sign up to be part of our team to view the fantastic details. 

Get our Brand new Quality Management System implementation series 
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Please Keep Reading!!!

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Open Letter of Opportunity to

All Medical Laboratory Leaders!

SpenAlex Solutions can help Your Medical Laboratory Quality Team

develop Your Quality Management System

and help You  Implement Your Quality Management solution!

Our document packages have been developed

by Quality Teams of Medical Laboratory Technologists

to be actually used by Medical Laboratory Technologists

and other stakeholders in Your healthcare system

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2012 fr brippakistani national song tera karam moula ….clinical and non-clinical personnel.

We have facilitated many Quality and Safety improvements

in Medical laboratories in the Caribbean

and we wish to help Your Medical Laboratory

in 1 or Both of 2 ways:

1. Provide Your Medical Laboratory with

The Entire Quality Management System document solution

Product 1000, which provides all of

the policies, processes, procedures, forms, templates, aids, etc. that You need.

The Entire QMS: Product 1000 with hundreds of pages of

ISO 15189 approved documents costs your Medical Laboratory

ONLY the price for just 1 average Medical Laboratory textbook.

2. Provide the Consultative services required to Facilitate

Implementation of Your Quality Management System

into Your health care organization.

Proposal and contract would be  developed

with collaboration with Your Medical Laboratory
leadership team and cost would vary

….depending upon the scope of the consultation.

3. Most commonly, our clients wish to have both

…the Entire QMS: Product 1000 document package,

which can be edited and customized for Your facility

at additional cost, and the consultative services,

which can include consultation through to

the education of Medical laboratory personnel.

Again, the cost would vary depending upon the scope

of the consultation and a discount would be applied

for the document package in the proposal.

Medical Laboratory services Leadership

and Senior Leadership make tough and educated

decisions each and every day of their career.

This decision is a No-Brainer for You

…..because the Value and R.O.I. is clear

and the benefits are outlined for you at:


Also, visit

regarding the consultative portion of our company!

Make the easiest decision You will have in the year 2011

…for Your  Medical Laboratory!

The following article gives You a good sense of the effort,

organization, and expertise required to help any

Medical Laboratory Implement a Quality Management System!

Most Medical Laboratories do NOT have the skilled or

educated personnel to facilitate QMS integration

into Your Medical Laboratory services.

So, please give Us a Call!!

Click Here for an excellent article regarding the entire process to develop and implement Your Medical Laboratory's Quality Management System!

Best regards and continued success as a Medical Laboratory Leader!

Robert D. Scheuermann, MLT, BSc, MBA/HCM

President and Founder
Quality Management Systems
Healthcare Consulting
Phone: (905) 945-7501
Cell: (519) 331-5007

Visualize Your Laboratory after Implementing our Quality Management


Medical Laboratory Professionals

Go Tell your Senior Leadership Team about US now!!

Admittedly, money is harder to come by these days

and funding arrangements to support your MEDICAL LABORATORY

operations seem to be dwindling.

Our QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM document package software

is the most economical on the Internet and

we will Match ANY other ISO15189 Entire LAB QUALITY MANUAL price and BEAT it by 10% minimum!

There may be a competitive advantage for you

by BUYING OUR PRODUCT 1000 to Help develop and implement YOUR Quality Management System

Depending upon your ENVIRONMENT.

But the most ENDURING Reason for BUYING OUR DOCUMENT package

is to provide the EXPERTISE you NEED to IMPROVE

your Medical Laboratory QUALITY, SAFETY, and EFFICIENCY NOW!

Most Laboratories do not know WHERE TO START.

May we HELP YOU develop your plan and PROVIDE YOUR Quality Management System

to HELP YOU give YOUR Patients and Physicians the support and quality services they deserve?

Contact us at Sales@ISO15189MedLabManuals.com for a NO Obligation special price!!


You've spent your entire career developing yourself,

Now YOU are the Visionary and Progressive Laboratory Leader you've always respected!

I have spent my entire career evaluating, visualizing and implementing improvements into Medical Laboratories of various sizes!

Robert D Scheuermann, MLT BSc

Robert Scheuermann, MLT, BSC, MBA

Please read down to My Open Letter to All Medical Laboratories!

Please View My Newest Video, which tells You abou
t Myself, My Companies, and what I can do for YOU!

Samples of the hundreds of pages of Documents in Product 1000

The Entire Quality Management System:

Quality Management System MASTER INDEX

Click On Samples here!

Quality Policy   Quality Process  QualityProcedure(Documents)     Quality Form(Competency)

Extremely Professional Quality, right? Buy the entire SET!

Please Provide Your Name, Best Email and Phone Number!!

There's Absolutely NO Risk!! Enter it below the dancing hand & eyes!


Visualize the Quality, Safety and Efficiency improvements you can inject immediately into your Medical Laboratory!

YOU are now well on your way to giving YOUR Patients the Highest Quality of Medical Laboratory Diagnostic Services they NEED and YOUR Staff, Stakeholders and Customers the Support they DESERVE!

Welcome to your 1-Stop Shop for ALL of your ISO 15189 Document NEEDS!

Get a jump start NOW on Your Quality Management System, so you can have the time to tackle the rest of your heavy workload... and enjoy the finer things in life!

Enjoy the Finer Things In LIFE!!

I Understand that YOU are so busy that your world is turned on its side or may even seem to be Upside down!

I know You work too many hours and You cannot enjoy your time off!

Just give me the chance to help You!

Get Your READY-TO-GO Medical Laboratory Manuals for ISO 15189  ACCREDITATION NOW

I can even travel to Your Medical Laboratory to get Your Quality Management System implemented FAST!

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Hurry and get the Entire Product 1000 ISO 15189 Med Laboratory Manuals.

NEW! Graduated Pricing Strategy to Allow All Medical Laboratories to have a World-Class Quality Management System! 
            0-100 Bed Hospital/Healthcare Organization
U.S. $195.00

            101-200 Bed Hospital/Healthcare Organization
U.S. $245.00

            201-300 Bed Hospital/Healthcare Organization
U.S. $295.00

            301-500 Bed Hospital/Healthcare Organization
U.S. $345.00

            >500 Bed Hospital/Healthcare Organization
Special Price



            1-USB Drive & 1-CD with order!

            Free Shipping & Handling to Anywhere in the World!

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Based on Ability to Pay and Total Global Operating Budgets

**Please forward HyperLink to Your Healthcare Organization's webpage describing the Total # Beds  

That’s RIGHT! We've Made Changes during challenging economic times and passed on Huge savings to you!!

How are we accomplishing the Mission and Vision of Spenalex Solutions (Click)

If WE don’t make it affordable for Medical Laboratories of ALL sizes to obtain the document's YOU want and need!

We are very happy to say that we are truly living our Mission and Values and we’re also 1 large step toward our Vision.

Email Us Immediately to get the Fastest Service - & Congratulations!

(Click here to obtain the Order Form & Email us Immediately!)

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pakistani randi 3gp dvd             1-USB Drive & 1-CD with order!

            Shipping &Handling!

            IMPLEMENTATION Tutorial with order!

            UP TO 1-hour Consultation by phone with order if paying full price of U.S. $395.00!


Also Available! WE can customize all your documents for you! ($)

                        WE offer On-Site QMS Implementation! ($)

Medical Laboratory Professionals

Go Tell your Senior Leadership Team about US now!!

Latest Testimonials

"...I was so impressed with the Complete Quality Manual document package I purchased from ISO15189medlabmanuals! The package is so well developed and it's obviously been written by Medical Lab Technologists for Medical Lab Technologists. Thank you!"

Carol W., Cayman Islands,   Caymanhealthltd.com/

"...our lab doesn't have the expertise of implementing a Quality Management System. We had no idea what it takes to be successful with a major project such as this. The Quality Management System we purchased from iso15189medlabmanuals and the expert support from Spenalex Solutions is letting us reach our goals! Thank you!"

Ulex A., Cayman Islands, Rapha Medical Centre

1 basic element that must apply to each and every component of your Quality Management System for Accreditation:

"SAY what you DO - then, DO what you SAY you DO Each & Every time without exception!"

OUR ISO15189 Medical Laboratory documents allow YOU to spend YOUR valuable TIME & BUDGET on the most critical part of Quality Management System Implementation:


The Quality Manager (QM) is delegated with “the responsibility and authority to oversee compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System, who shall report directly to the level of Laboratory management at which decisions are made on Laboratory policy and resources” (ISO 15189:2007, 4.1.5.i).

Your team needs to build upon its strengths within an Appreciative Inquiry framework. Once you have selected an Energetic & Dedicated Quality Manager and s/he has assembled a Motivated & Committed Quality Team, you get to jump OVER months (probably years) of time and expense using a complete line of documents developed by a team of Medical Professionals with greater than 100 years of cumulative experience in Medical Laboratories of all sizes!


Other Laboratory Operations start HERE:


 Develop Policies      Save time and money $ - Get them ALL from us!
 Map Processes        Save time and money $ - Get them ALL from us!
 Write Procedures     Save time and money $ - Get them ALL from us!
 Write Forms, Charts, Templates, and Aids            Save time and money $ - Get them ALL from us!
 Develop Quality Manual Documents Save time and money $ - Get them ALL from us!


Once you have ALL of Documents from US, your Laboratory Quality Manager STARTS your TEAM here!

  1. Embark upon your GAP analysis using your Standards from www.iso.org
  2. Edit & Validate all of OUR documents within your Organization
  3. Communicate/Educate/Train
  4. Self Audit
  5. Accreditation


ALL of Our documents and programs have unique features that make them the very best for you and your organization:

  • They were Developed by Teams of Medical Laboratory professionals over years! YOU get RESULTS!
  • They are documents that have been put to the test in several Medical Laboratories (both Hospital and Private Labs) and work very well for all our Healthcare Professionals!
  • All of Our Processes include High-Quality flowcharts produced by Microsoft Visio!
  • All packages or collections of Products you purchase come complete with a Master Index with hyperlinks from the Index to the Contents and from Document to Document on a USB Drive & a CD!
  • You get an Return On Investment breakdown to present to your Direct Manager(s) to support your purchase from us!
  • Get Tips and FREE Expert Customer Support via email!
  • You get a FREE powerpoint presentation of Quality Management Systems to put your Education in Action!
  • Purchasers of our Quality Manual packages, who pay full price U.S. $995.00 can request Up to 1 hour of FREE Telephone Consultation from our Principal Solution Architect at SPENALEX Solutions - Healthcare Consulting, who has over 20 years of Technical and Management Expertise in Medical Labs in both Canada and the U.S.!

Please go to our Feedback page to let us know more about YOU and what type of ISO15189 products you NEED that you don't see here YET!

Our Website was last modified:

We invite you to embark upon a futile ISO hunt search for ANY other INTERNET source that has even close to the VAST Selection and compilation of  documents developed by Medical Laboratory Professionals that we at SPENALEX Solutions  are offering you.

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