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Other Laboratory Operations start at the very beginning of the process to build their Quality Management System.

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  4. Self Audit/assessment
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"...I was so impressed with the Complete Quality Manual document package I purchased from ISO15189medlabmanuals! The package is so well developed and it's obviously been written by Medical Lab Technologists for Medical Lab Technologists. Thank you!"

Carol W., Cayman Islands,

"...our lab doesn't have the expertise of implementing a Quality Management System. We had no idea what it takes to be successful with a major project such as this. The Quality Management System we purchased from iso15189medlabmanuals and the expert support from Spenalex Solutions is letting us reach our goals! Thank you!"

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1 basic element that must apply to each and every component of your Quality Management System for Accreditation:

"SAY what you DO - then, DO what you SAY you DO Each & Every time without exception!"

OUR ISO15189 Medical Laboratory documents allow YOU to spend YOUR valuable TIME & BUDGET on the most critical part of Quality Management System Implementation:


The Quality Manager (QM) is delegated with “the responsibility and authority to oversee compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System, who shall report directly to the level of Laboratory management at which decisions are made on Laboratory policy and resources” (ISO 15189:2007, 4.1.5.i).

Your team needs to build upon its strengths within an Appreciative Inquiry framework. Once you have selected an Energetic & Dedicated Quality Manager and s/he has assembled a Motivated & Committed Quality Team, you get to jump OVER months (probably years) of time and expense using a complete line of documents developed by a team of Medical Professionals with greater than 100 years of cumulative experience in Medical Laboratories of all sizes!

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